The digital part of your business is our business.


We are partnering with designers, developers and marketers in order to provide the best digital solutions for your business and build a distinctive unique image of your brand.

Web and mobile development

From creating a simple website to developing web and mobile applications - we strive to create seamless and efficient user experience. Our tech-stack includes - JavaScript · ReactJS · Express · HTML · CSS · WordPress · React Native.

Digital marketing

In a digitally-led world, the way you market your business on the internet has never been more crucial. Social Media, Search Engine marketing, Email marketing and SEO - we develop and run campaigns and reasearches on all those apsects.

Branding services

In order for a brand to be successful it must have a simple but bright visual identity and a clear inpactful purpose which provides proper value to people. All that must be targeted and presented to the right communites at the right time.


Our latest work

My Hausle

Web design

Search engine optimization

Asen Zlatarov High School

Web design


Web design

DB3 Architects

Web design


Web design

The Founder

Cyril Caloferov

An entrepreneur, developer and designer.

The short story of Brandit

  • Mid 2016

    I needed a fresh start

    After quitting my good position at a well established international company I decided I want to build my own business. But the image in my mind was still unclear. I had to broaden my horizons first. Led by my passion for technology I started a degree in Software Engineering.

  • Early 2017

    Connecting the dots

    I had my business related education, my marketing experience, my fast-developing tech skills, and my cousin, who was a graphic designer and shared the same entrepreneural mindset as me. So I connected the dots and the first version of Brandit was born.

  • 2018

    Evolution / Expansion

    I'm improving my coding skills daily and my business is evolving. Now I'm working in partnership with developers, designers and marketers and I'm operating not only in my country but internationally.

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